This is the website of Rosalind Minett where I blog about writing in process, my own and others. Other art forms interest me greatly, so I include posts that focus on one of these, usually relating it back to the writing process. I believe in cross-fertilisation — gaining ideas and stimulation from other art forms.I review books that have interested me, particularly contemporary world fiction in translation.

The avatar is how I don’t look, but the keyboard and screen are more accurate.  Misusing Picasso, I have the face pointing out my two sides, serious and irreverent. The one face looks outward, the other inward. I like to think of my writing activity as doing just that.

The Characterful Writer describes the fiction I most enjoy: stories with well-developed characters. I am always disappointed when characters seem mostly to serve the plot, not the other way round.

I was a chartered psychologist, and for the last 14 years of work, an expert witness. My work centred upon how people think, learn, understand and behave. To do that involved an intense focus on the individual I was assessing or helping in order to enter their world. Only by doing so could I understand them.  This involvement in a person’s story is what I enjoy reading about in fiction. Equally, this is what I enjoy in writing – developing the characters, whether they are adults or children or the fiction is drama or humour.

Writing in Process:

I’m interested in the work around and within writing, both the analysis of the complex mental activity and the techniques used.

There is no point in repeating what is already abundantly available online – advice on all aspects of writing – but I did think it might be interesting to include discussion of writing in process, mine and other writers’.

I review on Amazon and Goodreads. On this blog, I concentrate on books that have particularly attracted me – those in new translation, and those less known.  There are high quality novels that are self-published and these need bringing to a wider audience.


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Dear Rosalind

    Debbie Young suggested I might like to see your blog, and I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read so far. I’ve heard of Stephen King’s book about writing, and shall definitely get it now. I’m also very interested in the short story genre and need to read more. I particularly like Jackie Kay’s short stories.

    I’m an author who’s self-published and also published by a small independent publisher. I’ve also recently finished a book about writing and mindfulness for Leaping Hare Press, as part of their Mindfulness series.

    I don’t suppose you generally encourage writers to send their books to you for review, but Debbie mentioned that you had an interest in World War II, and my latest novel, ‘Into the Sun’ (published by Yolk Publishing) is set during World War II in Lincolnshire and concerns RAF Bomber Command.

    If you might be interested in seeing it, I’d be glad to send it to you.

    With all good wishes

    Joy Kenward


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