My books

Historical fiction.  

A Relative Invasion – A trilogy.  

Book One, Intrusion, WWII, two boys, a fateful rivalry

Available in paperback and ebook 3D

In 1937 young Billy meets  his cousin, idolised, frail but manipulative Kenneth. As the adults worry about war emerging in Europe, the slow burn of  a fateful rivalry develops between the boys. With emotionally distant parents, bullying uncle and manipulative cousin, Billy starts to stutter. The one thing that upholds Billy’s spirits is the Cossack sabre owned by his father’s work colleague. Once seen, never forgotten, the sabre becomes an icon heralding strength and possibly destruction for these cousins.

Available in paperback and ebook

Book Two Infiltration, Two boys, one family, a world at war

 kindle-2_opt1940-1945. Both cousins are evacuated for the remainder of the war. Kenneth is placed with his mother near Billy’s mother and sister, while Billy is billeted separately billeted.  A photograph of the sabre props up his spirits. Settling with kindly foster parents, Billy’s life seems happier until a family catastrophe causes a new threat from Kenneth. This one will affect both their futures permanently.

Book 3, Impact follows later in 2015.



Me-Time Tales – Tea breaks for mature women and curious men. Nothing erotic, although men too have enjoyed these ironic tales, whether curious or not (see Amazon reviews). Each story presents a woman in a different stage of life and circumstance. Every woman has her own self-obsession.  A good little book for holidays and quickie gifts, fitting neatly into jiffy bag and memories of women you know . . .Me-Time Front Cover

CRIME SHORTS: An e book seriesoyster_tiniest

1. Oyster. A boy with potential.  What was the choirboy’s sinister find? A whydunit rather than whodunit with an unreliable narrator.

2. Homed. Someone is settling into a new home. Or are they? Is a crime about to happen, or has one already been committed? Who is guilty, child or adult?   Homed_book_cover_v2

More in the series are coming. A crime is about to be committed near you  . . .


A GHOSTLY ASSIGNMENT – and its lasting heritage

Just a different take on unexpected encounters


The Parody  Male twins unexpectedly meet each other in their twenties having been separated in infancy. Barry wants to search out birth family, Gerry prefers to leave these stones unturned. The Pandora’s Box once opened plunges the grey and predictable Barry into increasingly bizarre situations. Is he actually more whacky than anyone imagined, or merely a parody of his successful twin? Can he work through the chaos he’s engendered and with some kind of honour?

Speechless  When the young daughter of a comfortably placed family stops speaking, everything is up for examination within the family. Nothing is taken for granted any more.

2 thoughts on “My books

    • The Chinese short stories are published by Comma Press and the Irish (Patrick Conor) by The London Magazine. I believe both are on Amazon. Me-Time Tales comes out shortly.


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