Can Christmas be free?



Oh, no, Christmas is never FREE. Even if you don’t spend a cent or a schilling, a pound or a lire, you are unlikely to be free of some responsibility, even if it’s just that of being thankful for the efforts others have made for you.

However –

BOOK ONE of A RELATIVE INVASION – INTRUSION – is FREE – on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

If you’re out of touch with such days of celebration, that’s 25th and 26th December.

Eat, drink and read yourself merry.


Here’s the link for Japan

but it’s free in US, UK, Europe and S.America too.

The saddest thing I’ve heard is the solo person’s Christmas pack of a tiny pudding, single person ready meal and a one-ended cracker.  Fancy not including a book! To me, a book is essential for Christmas. If you’re on your own, ideal company, a way of leaving sad aspects of this world and joining others in some fantastic adventure or dilemma. If you’re socialising in a crowd and it all gets too much, how wonderful to sink back into an inconspicuous armchair and disappear behind your book. Even a refugee or a rejectee can be empowered during a good read.

Yes, reading does make you free – of the moment, of the company of irritants, of old ideas, to meet people from other worlds or carry favourites from home. See that book-shaped bulge in the bag of the boy at the back? (Note my alliteration!)

entrainedEvac     The Latin Quarter, Paris, France

Whatever your circumstances, I hope Christmas is a good day, one way or another. I hope you discover a book you come to love, and if that’s mine, how wonderful. It will take you into Billy’s world where he worries about his manipulative cousin, while his parents worry about Hitler. Are these emotions so different? Is Cousin Kenneth’s invasion really of a different nature, psychologically, from the Nazis?  In any case, read and enjoy. And it’s not cost you a dime.


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