Title Optional

A writer recently remarked that she had difficulty in thinking of titles. I thought I’d concoct a list for beginner writers allowing use for different genres. Let me know if you like this kind of post. It can be taken seriously or not. Who knows, one of these may spark the next novel for someone. These titles are intended for associations to be made. I had fun.

One day too long

Idyll in Back Alley

Caught in Time

Plenary Session

Forbidden Journey

Black is the New Grey

An Intricate Endeavour

It Takes Time to Jam

Is There Hair on my Burger?  (or their)

They never called me Edna

Not Everyone Marries in a Cathedral

Blogging To Bliss



2 thoughts on “Title Optional

  1. The issue of titles is fascinating. For some authors the novel comes first, maybe sparked by an image or a character, or an idea – and the the title clicks into place later. For others the title comes first the novel tries to follow the promise.
    The dreaded thing is – when you think of a great title and look it up on googles, you find it already taken, usually by a music label.


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