INSPIRATIONS: Kazuo Ohno, Angela Corella

If you can’t bring yourself to write another word, go and absorb something wonderful from a different art form.

Today’s inspiration, the first of which thanks to the Bloomers site.


Over forty, dears?  After Ohno’s example, no pressure then.

And at the other end of the scale. the unforgettable Angel Corella, lauded in NY where he was principal dancer, but apparently much under-valued in his own country. I’m going to see him there again, however. I’ve never known someone exude such visible delight in performing.   Alone      Pas de deux

Happy now.  Actually, I am going to write another word, but not just here. Not now.


2 thoughts on “INSPIRATIONS: Kazuo Ohno, Angela Corella

  1. Yes. Just seen the Woody Allen’s best film for years – Blue Jasmine. Immediately made me want to go and start something new. If he can do it, so can I!


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